Real Assets Rising Star Awards: A new Competition as part of the Real Assets Mentorship Program

Taking part in the Real Assets Mentorship Program can really give your career a boost in the Los Angeles commercial real estate market. This year we have decided to give participants an extra chance to stand out by launching the Real Assets Rising Star Awards!

Purpose of the Award
To recognize and reward mentorship program participants who have actively engaged in BOMA/GLA programs and events.

Current Real Assets Mentorship Program Participants are automatically entered into the competition, and there are two primary requirements to win:

  • Collect the most points in a series of categories between March and February* of the Mentorship Program participation year
  • Attend the Real Assets Conference & Exhibitor Showcase

Points can be earned from a variety of activities, including:


Attending a Networking Event


Attending a BOMA GLA Educational Event


Attending a Volunteer Event/Volunteering


Participating on a Committee


Signing up a Manager to the 2019 Mentorship Program


Attending the 2019 Real Assets Conference


Chairing a Committee


Completing an RPA, or FMA Designation


*Dates subject to change.

The aim of the mentorship program is to help you get on the fast track to a successful career, and this award is an extra incentive to be involved in ways that will benefit both you and the program. We hope that mentees will one day become mentors, and the first step is learning how to successfully utilize the resources offered by BOMA/GLA.

To sign up or receive more information, please contact Briana Maberry, Events & Education Manager.
Learn more about the 2019 Real Assets Conference & Exhibitor Showcase.