by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: February/05/2018

BOMA International was an integral part of the passage of the federal tax reform bill which provides huge benefits to real estate. Click here to view a one-page summary.

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: January/22/2018

With increasing frequency, building owner’s properties are being targeted by drones. Is there a law covering such invasion, and what does it cover?

Here’s a key provision of California Civil Code Section 1708.8:

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: January/22/2018

The BOMA/GLA Codes and Regulations Committee was briefed recently by the LA Building Department’s Executive Officer, Osama Younan, regarding 2018 changes to the plan check and inspection process. The Department will roll out a new online plan check system next month, focused on plans of smaller projects not requiring plan review. The goal of the online submittals is to speed the processing of tenant improvement and other plans through the city.

Other changes include:

by: Steven Spitzer, Monterey Lighting Publish Date: December/04/2017

For the past several years, building owners and managers who have converted to using LED lights have experienced the first wave of benefits provided by LED Lighting - energy savings. A well designed LED retrofit or tenant improvement project can cut energy consumption by 50% or more, reducing operating costs and improving net operating income.

by: Andrew Kratzer Publish Date: November/07/2017

The BOMA/GLA South Bay/Playa Vista Regional Council hosted a successful El Segundo Government Connect at PCT in El Segundo today. Thanks to our lunch sponsor, Duggan and Associates, and our host, PCT and CBRE. BOMA/GLA members had the chance to interact face to face with 8 El Segundo City officials who represented the full spectrum of city departments that property managers work with.

City Officials

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: November/06/2017



by: Andrew Kratzer Publish Date: October/24/2017

BOMA/GLA members had an exciting and informative session with Pasadena Fire Marshal Bryan Frieders this morning in Pasadena. Fire Marshal Frieders brought in his entire staff for the hour and a half session with BOMA/GLA Pasadena members. 

by: Steven Spitzer, Monterey Lighting Solutions Publish Date: October/04/2017


For many building owners and managers, the decision on the lighting control systems used in tenant improvement projects has been left to the tenants. However, in the past few years, Title 24 regulations requiring continuous dimming, daylighting, plug load control and demand response have increased the cost and complexity of lighting control systems in commercial office space. The increase in complexity has led some owners and managers to begin to enforce building-wide standards. 

by: Andrew Kratzer Publish Date: October/04/2017

Members of the BOMA/GLA Board of Directors and the BOMA/GLA Political Action Commitee Board gathered together today at City Club Downtown and had lunch with Gubernatorial candidate John Chiang. Chiang is currently the CA State Treasurer and has embarked on an aggressive campaign to be the next Governor of California.

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: September/18/2017

Under the City of LA Existing Building Energy and Water Efficiency Ordinance (EBEWE), owners are required to create the initial 2016 Benchmarking Report by November first. To comply, the property owner must enter whole-building electricity, gas, and water data for calendar year 2016 into Energy Star Portfolio Manager, then submit the Benchmarking Report to the LA Department of Building & Safety.

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: September/18/2017

Due to many questions arising around the new waste hauling franchise in the San Fernando Valley, Councilman Mitchell Englander has asked Waste Management Inc., the contracted provider, to hold regular office hours in his Community Service Center in Chatsworth.

To speak with a representative to discuss your concerns, call (818) 882-1212 to set up an appointment.

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: September/18/2017

Every year, BOMA fights at all levels of government to protect the interests of commercial real estate. What does that mean to each member? Savings of tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

Here are examples of recent success stories. Share these with your asset managers and owners as you explain your involvement in BOMA.


by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: September/18/2017

City of Santa Monica passed an ordinance in early 2017 mandating that all buildings be seismically retrofitted. BOMA/GLA lobbied for several changes, including exemptions from parking requirements and replacement of trash enclosures.

Under the original ordinance, owners would have to apply for a variance for both the parking space replacement and trash enclosure.  Owners currently pay $50,000-$60,000 to obtain a variance (city fees, construction plans, and expediter services). If CEQA is triggered, costs could go up to $100,000.

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: September/08/2017

The BOMA/GLA Codes Committee met recently with Craig Johnson, Building Official for Culver City, who discussed the large volume of projects and the process of approvals in their five-mile square city.

A prime example of the type of projects underway is the "Ivy Station" project at the intersection of National Blvd. and Washington Blvd. The project will include 210k s.f. of offices on the north side, 200 residential units in the middle, a 148-room hotel on the south side, 36k s.f. of retail space, and several levels of underground parking.

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: August/01/2017

The US Geological Survey released a map of the recently-discovered Santa Monica Fault, which runs throughout the city. Martha Cox-Nitikman, BOMA/GLA’s Vice President of Public Policy, was asked to speculate on the impact of the report on compliance by commercial owners in Santa Monica. For the full article, click here…