by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: July/28/2017


In 2016, the US Resiliency Council (USRC) launched its voluntary Earthquake Building Rating System. The purpose of the Rating System is to provide reliable and consistent information about a building’s expected performance during an earthquake which can then be used in purchasing or leasing decisions on the buildings in which we live, work and invest.

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: May/16/2017

David Martin, Santa Monica’s Director of Housing and Community Development (above, standing) provided the highlights of the recently-released Downtown Community Plan at the Codes and Regulations Committee meeting May 4th. The plan clarifies the new direction of the city, which includes greater residential development, park space, and a balance between retail and restaurants on the Promenade. While not a lot of new commercial construction will occur, uses may change from retail to office, and office to residential.

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: May/02/2017

BOMA/GLA’S Elevator Sub-Committee met recently with Pasadena Fire Marshal Bryan Frieders (in photo above) to discuss concerns with the plan check and inspection process for elevators. Attending were Codes Committee Co-Chair Althea DePietro, Frank DePietro and Sons; John Reynolds, HKA Elevator Consulting; Matt Ensley, Elevator Consulting Assoc.; and Martha Cox-Nitikman, BOMA/GLA.

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: April/18/2017

The BOMA/GLA Codes seminar “So You Think You Know Title 24” was presented in Glendale on March 30th to an overflow crowd, and attendees learned tips for increasing energy efficiency in operations and tenant improvements. In photo above (from left) moderator William Lowery, Talo Management and speakers Loretta Thompson, Eisner Law Corp.; David Hajnal, Kilroy Realty; Nelson Algaze, SAAIA; and Brian Stern, Glumac , rovided needed answers to questions such as “What Title 24 code problems have the most potential to impact construction schedules & cost?” 

by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: April/11/2017

On Wednesday April 5th, the Northeast Regional co-hosted a government connect with the City of Burbank. Departments represented including the Burbank Police Department, Burbank Fire Department, Building & Safety Division, Burbank Water & Power, Homeless Services Division, Economic Development among others. 

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: April/04/2017

After significant input by BOMA/GLA and commercial and residential building owners, the City of Santa Monica gave its final approval last week to a sweeping seismic retrofit ordinance that affects all building types except single family homes. Two thousand buildings are impacted by the mandatory requirements, including hundreds of concrete and steel frame structures.

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: March/02/2017

BOMA/GLA’s Codes and Regulations Committee hosted Pasadena Fire Chief Bertral Washington and Assistant Fire Chief and Fire Marshal Bryan Frieders recently (see photo above), and were informed that a new false fire alarm fee policy has been instituted as of January first. After a building has one false alarm, any additional false alarms will mean a fine of approximately $50 on the owner. The city has responded to thousands of alarms that consume resources that could be used elsewhere.

by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: February/16/2017

The BOMA/GLA Board of Directors has issued a statement that categorically opposes Measure S, a Los Angeles citywide ballot proposition that would place a two year moratorium on any development including affordable housing. As a strong supporter of affordable and workforce housing development, BOMA/GLA believes that Measure S will lead to a decline in economic development and position Los Angeles as less competitive in terms of attracting and retaining industries. 

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: February/15/2017

BOMA/GLA testified at a hearing yesterday of the Santa Monica City Council on a sweeping seismic retrofit ordinance affecting a wide range of pre-1996 structures. These include unreinforced concrete, tilt-up, and steel moment frame buildings, as well as soft story apartments. Single family homes are not included. Buildings must be reviewed by a structural engineer and brought up to a specific standard within a set time period.

BOMA/GLA was successful in the inclusion of a number of key provisions:

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: February/07/2017

BOMA International held their annual Winter Business meeting in San Diego last week, and managers from around the country gained insight into the massive political changes in Washington, DC, as well as updates on energy and water efficiency, emergency preparedness, and building codes.

Congressman Scott Peters noted that Republicans are looking at significant tax code changes, and that there may be some support from moderate Democrats. BOMA is lobbying for the retention of Section 1031 on Like Kind Exchanges and carried interest.

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: December/07/2016

The Santa Monica City Council held an informational hearing to gain input on a draft seismic retrofit policy. BOMA/GLA PAC Chair Phil Tate, Kilroy Realty, and Martha Cox-Nitikman of BOMA/GLA requested that extensions of time and provisions allowing for modifications be included in the ordinance so owners won’t be forced to apply for costly variances or face CEQA challenges over minor elements.

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: October/26/2016

The Government Affairs Committee has taken a strong OPPOSE position on two ballot measures that impose serious restrictions on development. City of L.A. Measure JJJ would mandate the inclusion of affordable housing in all residential development. Further, it imposes strict hiring and wage mandates on contractors. The committee agrees affordable housing is important as employers work to draw qualified workers, but mandates are not the way to accomplish this goal.

by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: October/24/2016

BOMA/GLA members met with Santa Monica City Manager Rick Cole on Monday October 24th to discuss important issues to the commercial real estate industry. Members presented examples of delays and inconsistencies in the Santa Monica plan check and inspection processes. The City Manager expressed his desire to engage in metric based performance measures in order to find where the delays are occurring and determine the best solutions.

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: August/08/2016
LAFD Requirement #105 has been issued which covers “Two Way Radio Communications Enhancement Systems Bi-Directional Amplifier System (BDA) Testing.” While only new buildings are covered by the code, many owners are installing these systems voluntarily.
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