Standars and Protocols: Are You Due for an Update?

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Commercial buildings have standards and protocols for nearly every aspect of operation. From light fixtures to window film, from Day Porters to Parking Attendants, building management strives to ensure quality, professionalism, and comfort for their tenants. While many buildings use standards that have been in place for a long time, how often do they get updated?

Standards for Demolition Contractors is one area owners may need to review and update. Many managers may use something like this document [OLD Contractor Rules], in their Contractors handbook. While it seems to hit all of the basics, a closer look shows that this is really just the skin and bones of what you expect of your contractors. While this six-page document would appear to spell out exactly how you want your contractors and their subs to behave in your building, does it really specify everything that they should be responsible for? A more detail-oriented approach (see attached demolition criteria) may appear overly burdensome at first glance but additional protection will prevent headaches later on.  Looking at the two documents, you can see that while the first document gives basic direction, the second spells out precisely how you expect your demolition projects to be run, and exactly how the space being demolished as well as common areas and the loading dock should be maintained. It provides you the opportunity to identify what you want reported to the BMO, and exactly how you expect your contractors to treat your property.

In an effort to elevate demolition standards, the staff at Interior Removal Specialist, Inc. has drafted the above updated demolition criteria. This document is offered up for any building or property management company that wishes to use it, and please feel free to edit the rules as you see fit. While it was put together by the staff of Interior Removal Specialist, Inc., these standards are not contractor specific, and contain information and requirements that should be able to be adhered to by any qualified demolition contractor that you allow into your building.  At the end of the day, the rules and regulations that you put in place are for the protection of your property and your tenants, we think you deserve the best protection possible.