Monday, November 6, 2017



As you may know, BOMA/GLA is working closely with Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office to share concerns about the Waste Hauling program and gain information that may assist owners in complying with the ordinance. Here are answers to member questions that have arisen recently:


--I’ve called the Sanitation Customer Care Center, but would like to speak with my hauler. How can I do this?

Each hauling company has Customer Service Centers within each zone. Click here to view a map showing the centers and their addresses. Additionally, Athens holds office hours in various Council offices on a regular basis. Click here to view their schedule. Finally, Waste Management is available 9-10 am in Valley Council Offices as needed. 


--There have been a lot of concerns with the billing process. How is the city addressing these?

At the end of September, the Bureau of Sanitation launched a Bill Review Task Force in concert with the recycLA Service Providers to conduct review of bills with fees making up 40% or more of the total bill. Task Force responsibilities include: 

  • Review all bills processed within recycLA and identify bills where fees make up at least 40% or more of total bill
  • Review waste assessments and auto enroll letters (if applicable) associated with the account. 
  • Determine if extra charges (distance charges, access fees, etc.) have been applied appropriately. 
  • If fees applied inappropriately, alert hauler and ensure bill is adjusted.
  • If fees applied appropriately, determine customer's options to mitigate service level options and extra charges if possible.
  • Track all contact with customers and haulers. 

Members that feel they may fall into this category or have questions on fees can call the Sanitation Customer Care Center: 1-800-773-2489.


--My building was able to compost food waste under my previous hauler. When will the city be able to provide that service?

Until the full composting program is rolled out in 2019, composting options are limited. This is largely due to the lack of processing facilities. The City has convened a food waste task force to address the challenges of food recovery and organics processing in the interim. This group meets monthly and building owners are welcome to attend.

The first two projects coming out of the Food Waste Task force are:

1. Food Waste Challenge Grants - a grant competition aimed at reducing food waste through recovery at the neighborhood level. 

2. Expansion of compost collection and processing sites throughout the city. This would include a program at farmers markets and examining how to use city facilities for composting. 

In the meantime, LA is a great resource with neighborhood compost sites throughout the city.


BOMA/GLA will continue to keep you apprised of information about this program. For questions, contact Martha Cox-Nitikman at