by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: April/18/2017

On Thursday April 6th, the BOMA/GLA Homeless and Community Awareness Committee hosted a forum in Hollywood to discuss the current homeless crisis and ways for businesses to volunteer and donate in a positive way.

The HCAC will be hosting a series of these events across Los Angeles County with the next one in Downtown Los Angeles. The committee is also working to develop a hiring program between our associate members and the nonprofit organization partners. For more information, please contact Mitchell Vieyra at

by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: April/11/2017

On Wednesday April 5th, the Northeast Regional co-hosted a government connect with the City of Burbank. Departments represented including the Burbank Police Department, Burbank Fire Department, Building & Safety Division, Burbank Water & Power, Homeless Services Division, Economic Development among others. 

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: March/21/2017

At their recent meeting, the BOMA/GLA Government Affairs Committee reviewed key legislation, including Senate Bill 213 (Hertzberg), which would change the definition of “sewer” in Prop. 218 to allow cities to levy fees. While some cities struggle to maintain and repair their sewer systems, BOMA/GLA and BOMA California, our state advocate, believe there are other funds available for these services, and that fee increases contribute to the high cost of doing business in the state.

by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: March/09/2017

The BOMA/GLA PAC Board endorsed candidates in the cities Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood in the March 7th election. Out of the 12 candidates the PAC supported, 11 were successful.

Los Angeles city Mayor Eric Garcetti, Controller Ron Galperin and Attorney Mike Feuer were all re-elected to office along with Council Members Blumenfield (CD 3), Bonin (CD 11), O'Farrell (CD 13) and Buscaino (CD 15). 

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: March/02/2017

The City of L.A. is considering a fee of $5 per sf on all commercial development and $12 per sf on residential construction to raise funds for affordable housing. BOMA/GLA took an oppose position last fall, as increasing the cost will only place additional burdens on the development process.

by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: February/27/2017

The BOMA/GLA PAC Board has decided to recognize State Assembly Member Matt Dababneh (D-45) and Los Angeles City Council Member Mitchell Englander (CD 12) with the State and Local Elected Official of the Year Awards. This is the second year that the PAC has given this honor and we are proud to support both legislators as they fight for pro-business and commercial real estate friendly legislation. 

by: Publish Date: February/21/2017

BOMA/GLA advocate Mitchell Vieyra met with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as a BizFed PAC Board meeting on Friday February 17th at 400 S Hope St. Vieyra serves as a voting member of the BizFed PAC, connecting BOMA/GLA interests with the larger business community. 

by: Publish Date: February/21/2017

Last week, Martha Cox-Nitikman had the opportunity to meet with Jeanne Min, Chief of Staff, and David Giron, Legislative Director for Councilman O’Farrell, as well as Jim Dantona, Chief of Staff for Councilwoman Nury Martinez. Both Council members serve on the Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee, which has jurisdiction over the issue of sidewalk vendors. A draft proposal has been circulated, and BOMA/GLA is concerned that building owners will have little say over the number or type of sidewalk vendors that may locate outside their property.

by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: February/16/2017

The BOMA/GLA Board of Directors has issued a statement that categorically opposes Measure S, a Los Angeles citywide ballot proposition that would place a two year moratorium on any development including affordable housing. As a strong supporter of affordable and workforce housing development, BOMA/GLA believes that Measure S will lead to a decline in economic development and position Los Angeles as less competitive in terms of attracting and retaining industries. 

by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: February/07/2017

The BOMA/GLA PAC Leadership and the Government Affairs Committee met with Assembly Member Raul Bocanegra on Friday to discuss his priorities for the coming legislative session. The meeting took place at the BOMA/GLA offices in Downtown Los Angeles, where PAC Chair Phil Tate (Kilroy Realty) led discussions on energy and water efficiency efforts at teh local and state levels along with a look at the homeless crisis and affordable housing.

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: February/07/2017

BOMA International held their annual Winter Business meeting in San Diego last week, and managers from around the country gained insight into the massive political changes in Washington, DC, as well as updates on energy and water efficiency, emergency preparedness, and building codes.

Congressman Scott Peters noted that Republicans are looking at significant tax code changes, and that there may be some support from moderate Democrats. BOMA is lobbying for the retention of Section 1031 on Like Kind Exchanges and carried interest.

by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: January/24/2017

The annual BOMA International Winter Business Meeting comes to San Diego this month, where members from around the country will confer on a wide range of important topics. Experts will assess the likelihood of passage of a reduction of the capital gains tax while members discuss changes in building codes, energy and water standards, and terrorism education and planning.

by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: January/18/2017

With the March elections around the corner, the Government Affairs Committee, the issue-tracking arm of the association, voted to support LA County Measure H while opposing City of LA Measure S.

Measure H would increase the sales tax by one quarter cent to support substance abuse and mental health services for the homeless. The proposal is designed as a companion bill to LA’s recently-passed Measure HHH, which uses bond proceeds to finance homeless facility construction.

by: Publish Date: January/10/2017

The BOMA/GLA Government Affairs Committee will be taking on a broad range of issues in 2017, as various levels of government target commercial owners and businesses for additional regulation and as a source of funds. Here are our members and their subject areas:

Affordable Housing - Althea DePietro, DePietro and Sons

BOMA California - Dave Foley, Brookfield, Govt. Affairs Committee Chair;

Energy and Environmental Issues - Matt Gammel, Gensler

Homeless Policy Issues - Nathan Morales, LPC

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: December/13/2016

BOMA/GLA testified in support of certain aspects of a citywide sidewalk vending ordinance, as long as it includes protections for building owners and tenants. At a hearing yesterday, Martha Cox-Nitikman indicated support for a draft proposal that includes a time-frame for vendor operations, a limit of two vendors per block, and the need for approval by the building owner or retailer. She emphasized, however, that enforcement is key and Council must provide adequate financial support for the program.