by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: August/07/2017

Town Hall meetings were held in Downtown and the West Side last week to provide details of the program and an opportunity for members to ask questions of Bureau of Sanitation managers and waste haulers. Over 70 members attended these events.

Our member’s questions revealed several important take-aways that owners should be aware of:

by: Dan Nanney, Gilchrist & Rutter Publish Date: August/03/2017

A few years ago, the County sought to impose parcel “fees” to fund the proposed “Clean Water Clean Beaches” program.  The County withdrew that effort in the face of objections that the proposed “fee” would be an illegal “tax.”  Now, under the rubric of “Water Resiliency,” the County has sought to sidestep such objections and impose a new tax or fee. 

by: Tom Klawiter, Klawiter and Associates Publish Date: August/03/2017

The Metro Board of Directors unanimously approved a plan on July 27th to transition its entire bus fleet to be 100 percent zero emission electric by 2030.  This ambitious plan would require the purchase of more than 2,200 vehicles while monitoring the continuous advancements in technology.  According to the Southern California AQMD, a transition to zero- and near-zero emission technologies is necessary to meet 2023 and 2032 air quality standards and 2050 climate goals.  Metro approved this plan in an effort to meet these standards and improve the air quality in the Los Angeles basin.

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: August/01/2017

The US Geological Survey released a map of the recently-discovered Santa Monica Fault, which runs throughout the city. Martha Cox-Nitikman, BOMA/GLA’s Vice President of Public Policy, was asked to speculate on the impact of the report on compliance by commercial owners in Santa Monica. For the full article, click here…

by: Andrew Kratzer Publish Date: August/01/2017

LA Sanitation gave a formal presentation and question and answer session today with BOMA/GLA members at Bank of America Plaza downtown. BOMA members were able to hear about the program and the changes in their waste haulers and ask questions about their buildings. For a copy of LA Sanitation's powerpoint, click here!

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: July/28/2017


In 2016, the US Resiliency Council (USRC) launched its voluntary Earthquake Building Rating System. The purpose of the Rating System is to provide reliable and consistent information about a building’s expected performance during an earthquake which can then be used in purchasing or leasing decisions on the buildings in which we live, work and invest.

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: July/24/2017

BOMA/GLA Vice President Martha Cox-Nitikman was part of a contingent from the LA County Business Federation that met recently with Westside representative Senator Ben Allen. (In photo above, Senator Allen is at center, back). BizFed leaders laid out several regional business concerns, including high taxes, crumbling infrastructure, and cost of complying with government regulations. Allen’s focus is on education, but we shared ideas on urban water management planning, rent control, split roll taxation and health care.

by: Publish Date: July/10/2017

The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) has put forward a recommendation to the Los Angeles City Council to extend the initial benchmarking deadline to November 1, 2017, providing additional time for building owners to comply with the ordinance.

by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: May/15/2017

BOMA/GLA and BOMA/GLA PAC leadership hosted a dinner with State Assembly Member Autumn Burke on Friday May 12th in Marina Del Rey. This was the first of many dinners that the association will be hosting with local and state legislators. 

The Assemblly Member's district includes El Segundo, Playa Vista, Marina Del Rey, Venice and Inglewood. She has strong pro-business and moderate views and is an ally to BOMA Greater Los Angeles.

The BOMA/GLA PAC has supported the Assembly Member over the last few years and looks forward to a continued relationship.

by: BOMA California Publish Date: May/02/2017

California Business Properties Association, the umbrella group of which BOMA California is a member, has been successful in defeating a bill designed to outlaw dual agency by commercial brokers. AB 1059, sponsored by Hughes Marino, has been removed from consideration for this year. Mr. Marino formed the Association of Commercial Tenants (ACT) to be an “organizational representative of a constituency of tenants and buyers who deserve a countermeasure to BOMA.”

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: April/21/2017

On April 20th, speakers from the City of Los Angeles outlined key elements and timelines for both the waste hauling and sidewalk repair programs. While costs will significantly increase under the franchise waste hauling program, Dan Meyers of LADWP indicated the city is working to provide detailed information and great customer service during the summer roll-out of the program.

by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: April/18/2017

On Thursday April 6th, the BOMA/GLA Homeless and Community Awareness Committee hosted a forum in Hollywood to discuss the current homeless crisis and ways for businesses to volunteer and donate in a positive way.

The HCAC will be hosting a series of these events across Los Angeles County with the next one in Downtown Los Angeles. The committee is also working to develop a hiring program between our associate members and the nonprofit organization partners. For more information, please contact Mitchell Vieyra at

by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: April/11/2017

On Wednesday April 5th, the Northeast Regional co-hosted a government connect with the City of Burbank. Departments represented including the Burbank Police Department, Burbank Fire Department, Building & Safety Division, Burbank Water & Power, Homeless Services Division, Economic Development among others. 

by: Martha Cox-Nitikman Publish Date: March/21/2017

At their recent meeting, the BOMA/GLA Government Affairs Committee reviewed key legislation, including Senate Bill 213 (Hertzberg), which would change the definition of “sewer” in Prop. 218 to allow cities to levy fees. While some cities struggle to maintain and repair their sewer systems, BOMA/GLA and BOMA California, our state advocate, believe there are other funds available for these services, and that fee increases contribute to the high cost of doing business in the state.

by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: March/09/2017

The BOMA/GLA PAC Board endorsed candidates in the cities Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood in the March 7th election. Out of the 12 candidates the PAC supported, 11 were successful.

Los Angeles city Mayor Eric Garcetti, Controller Ron Galperin and Attorney Mike Feuer were all re-elected to office along with Council Members Blumenfield (CD 3), Bonin (CD 11), O'Farrell (CD 13) and Buscaino (CD 15).