by: BOMA Greater Los Angeles Publish Date: August/15/2016

BOMA/GLA advocate Mitchell Vieyra has recently joined the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce's Government Affairs Committee as a voting member. BOMA/GLA recently joined the Chamber of Commerce and was asked to participate on the committee by Chamber staff. 

BOMA/GLA is committed to providing a voice for the commercial real estate industry throughout Los Angeles County. We will continue to bring information to our members on important issues and ways  for collaboration with the local city and state governments. 

by: BOMA California Publish Date: August/13/2016

AB 1732 (Ting D) continues to move forward and our industry is neutral on the bill, but following closely to make sure it can be implemented easily. The bill requires all single-user toilet facilities in any building identified as all-gender toilet facilities. The bill would authorize inspectors, building officials, or other local officials responsible for code enforcement to inspect for compliance with these provisions during any inspection.

by: BOMA California Publish Date: August/13/2016

In response to industry supported legislation (AB 2282), two state agencies have kicked off workshops to develop regulations that will specify when and where new building construction must include piping for recycled water (purple pipe).  Specifically, AB 2282 (Gatto) directs the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) and the Building Standards Commission (BSC) to adopt building standards requiring piping for recycled water that is produced by a local water recycling facility.  The first set of mandatory building standards are expected to take effect on July 1, 2018.  It shou

by: BOMA California Publish Date: August/12/2016

As well, there are still a handful of bills left that we must oppose because of their sever impact on the real estate industry, or California’s Economy:

AB 197 (Garcia, Eduardo D)   State Air Resources Board: greenhouse gases. This bill further stacks the Air Resources Board against business interests and sets up another “policy” body to advise the Legislature on Climate Change.

by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: June/20/2016
On Friday June 17th and Saturday June 18th, volunteers across the City of Los Angeles participated in Mayor Eric Garcetti's Welcome Home Project. Gift baskets, prepared at neighborhood parties in Angeleno homes and businesses, were delivered to newly housed, former homeless individuals. 
by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: June/10/2016
Representatives from five Beverly Hills city departments met with BOMA/GLA delegates on June 9th at Beverly Hills City Hall. This is the first time that the city has set up a standing working group with a specified industry. The working group was set up to build a proactive relationship with the city and will be a model for other areas of Los Angeles County.
by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: June/09/2016
BOMA Greater Los Angeles headed to Sacramento along with fellow BOMA California chapters and other real estate organizations. The California Business Properties Association (CBPA) hosts this annual conference followed by a morning of meetings with our elected officials. 
by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: May/25/2016

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, a Democratic candidate for US Senate, met with California Business Roundtable to discuss how Washington can be more business friendly. To the left, Tracy Hernandez (BizFed) and Martha Cox-Nitikman

by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: May/02/2016

The BOMA/GLA Westside Regional Council hosted a meeting with Assembly Member Richard Bloom on Friday April 29th at Kilroy Westside Media Center. Property managers from throughout the listened to the Assembly Member's plans to increase affordable housing and curb the region's growing homeless population. 

by: Mitchell Vieyra Publish Date: April/15/2016
BOMA/GLA Leadership met with LA City Controller Ron Galperin in Downtown LA on Friday April 15th. Leadership Meetings are a chance for BOMA/GLA members to sit down with leading elected officials and agency heads.