Monday, April 30, 2018

BOMA/GLA has been actively involved in monitoring and shaping seismic legislation that would seriously impact commercial buildings in California. AB 2681 (Nazarian) as originally written mandated that cities develop a list of “potentially vulnerable buildings” based on certain age and construction criteria. The list would be posted on a public website, and owners would be required to perform a seismic audit and report the findings to the city.

The bill is unacceptable as it changes the standard by which buildings are judged on seismic performance without proper state agency review. Buildings that currently meet all local and state laws should not be labeled “vulnerable”, as this would immediately impact the value of the property.

BOMA/GLA advocacy staff, in conjunction with BOMA California, worked with the author’s office to address our concerns. The bill was amended to require the state to identify funding for cities and building owners to assist in any work that would be required. Other changes were included as well.

BOMA is an active part of the LA County Business Federation (BizFed) Land Use Committee, which recently reviewed AB 2681. The Committee declined to support the legislation based on the burden it would place on both owners and their tenant companies.

BOMA/GLA and BOMA California will continue to protect the interests of commercial real estate, which includes working with Assembly Members and Senators to develop legislation that does not place unreasonable burdens on our members.