BOMA/GLA partners with human-I-T to help families in need through their e-waste recycling program

human-I-T is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, that fixes donated technology and distributes to those in need. Promoting reuse instead of recycling, human-I-T breathes new life into your old devices, turning your e-waste into opportunities for others. With the help of businesses and individuals like you, human-I-T is leading the charge to bridge the digital divide, by helping connect each technology recipient to the internet. For more information about how you can help ensure everyone has a #right2tech, visit

BOMA/GLA is partnering with human-I-T, a 501c(3) nonprofits, to repair donated technology and redistribute to those in need.  human-I-T breathes new life into old devices, turning e-waste into opportunities for others.  They are leading the charge to bridge the digital divide by helping connect each technology recipient to the internet. 
Participate and Win!
Each of our BOMA/GLA regions will hold a drive and once all drives have concluded, one building from each region will receive an award at the 2019 BOMA/GLA Awards of Excellence for helping the most families in need during their building's drive. Enter your building now to be part of the compition and provide your tenants and customers an easy and charitable way to reuse their e-waste.
Here's how it works:
  • Sign up your building now by clicking here.
  • Notify your tenants of the drive dates.
  • Provide a place where all e-waste can be housed in the loading dock area and human I-T will pack it and take it to their facility to wipe clean and prepare it for a family in need. 


More about human-I-T

  • Make an Impact- Simply put, our organization takes in unwanted technology, wipes and refurbishes it, then donates it out to help low-income families, veterans, and people with disabilities. Every machine that we are able to get back into the community is a life that is forever changed and our donors can proudly claim this impact.
  • Fully itemized Tax-Deductible Receipts- Donation Receipts detail Make, Model, Serial Number, Item Type, and Quantity for each  repurposable item. E-Waste is weighed out and a poundage is provided. See the full "Blank_Donation_Receipt.PDF".
  • Items We Accept: We accept all types of technology from enterprise-grade servers and switches to old cell phones and everything in between. We like to say "anything with a cord outside of appliances". Please see the attached "Accepted Items.PDF" to view examples of items we look to repurpose.
  • Corporate Grade Data Sanitization- All drives are fully wiped to HIPAA, DOD, and NIST specifications. Any drives that cannot be wiped (due to the age of the drive or compatibility issues) will be physically destroyed. A Certificate of Data Destruction is included with every Donation Receipt. See Page 3 of "Blank_Donation_Receipt.PDF" and "human-i-t Data_Security&Destruction.PDF".
  • Free Pickups- Most donations qualify for free equipment pickups. Simply palletize your items and we can schedule a pickup as soon as the same day.
  • Release of Donor Liability- Upon donating, all items become the responsibility and are owned by human-I-T. This means that the previous owner of the device(s) has no liability to anything that happens to that device from that point on. For more information, Page 1 Paragraph 2 of "Blank_Donation_Receipt.PDF".
  • Full-Service Solution- You do not need to separate your E-Waste from your working items, as we can accommodate both! Items that are unable to be repaired or are obsolete will be responsibly recycled by an R2 or E-Steward recycler here in the US.