The BOMA LED program, managed by Energy Innovation Group, LLC (EIG), uses the collective buying power of our members to purchase millions of LEDs annually and secure special rebates from manufacturers which are passed on to building owners. By combining our rebates with utility incentives, owners can enjoy a 90-day or faster payback period for lamps and generally between 12 and 24 months for LED fixtures. This results in an advantage that individual companies could not achieve on their own.

The program encompasses LEDs to replace: (i) linear fluorescent tubes; (ii) HID and fluorescent fixtures; (iii) 2 and 4-pin compact fluorescent lamps; (iv) incandescent, halogen, and screw-in CFLs; and (v) down light cans with retrofit kits. Additionally, the program provides no-cost audits, test LEDs, handles all utility rebate requirements, and arranges installation when required.

What is the process to receive LEDs?

For buildings that would benefit from the program, no-cost audits are arranged to determine the LED opportunities, followed by a report of existing lighting, proposed lighting, energy savings, rebates, and net cost to the company, if any. Test LEDs are provided to approve lighting quality, color, light levels and overall suitability for the application. Upon approval, LEDs are supplied for installation. The BOMA LED Program handles all rebate requirements and any warranty needs.

For more details on the program, go to Energy Innovation Group staff can also be reached at or 424-228-4383.