BOMA/GLA is sensitive to the needs of our community and are pleased to promote our annual BOMA/GLA Food, Clothing and Toy Drive.  Many families in our community are finding it increasingly difficult to provide for themselves and their children.  The traditional festivities, food and gifts so many of us enjoy during the holidays, are often not available to those less fortunate then ourselves. 

Year after year, this drive has supported a number of deserving charities and over 200 of our commercial building members participate each year.  In 2015, our members collectively brought in over 16,000 toys, 6500 needed food items, and 6000 clothing and toiletries!  Thats over 30,000 items for 20+ charities.  A record 56% over the previous year.

BOMA/GLA and it's building members collectively facilitate the process of obtaining and disbursing the donated toys. It is an annual event that highlights the spirit of giving during the holiday for children.

The process is simple and easy to do during the holiday season.  It's as easy as 1...2...3!

  1. Sign up your building when the registration process beings in October. Once you are signed up, you will receive documents on how to start your drive, drop off/pick up locations, participating charities and volunteer sort day.
  2. Place a decorated collection boxes or bin in your lobby and promote the drive to your tenants.
  3. Join the drive collection sort day in December where over 200 people come together to sort and prepare bags of supplies for the charities!

Contact for more information on how you can help your community!