GET INVOLVED IN THE BOMA/GLA Homeless and Community Awareness Committee

In 2015, BOMA/GLA organized a task force in response to member concerns about the growing presence of homeless individuals throughout the region. The goal was to learn more about how owners and managers could become part of the solution to this complex problem.  

BOMA/GLA joined forces with other organizations to engage in the legislative process and provide clear information to members on the rights of the homeless as well as property owners. (To view our  guide Homeless in Downtown, click here). We also ran a successful sock drive through which tenants and managers provided donations to Shelter Partnership, a downtown charitable organization.  

In January of 2016, BOMA/GLA formed the Homeless and Community Awareness Committee. Its purpose is to “promote the interests of commercial real estate while creating greater understanding of issues surrounding homelessness.” 

The committee is focused on the following tasks: 

  • Learn more about the various laws and policies surrounding property rights and the treatment of the homeless in order to provide input to elected officials and policy makers; 

  • Collaborate with organizations to more effectively develop initiatives to address homelessness; 

  • Identify and communicate volunteer opportunities for both building management staff and tenants so they can assist the homeless population in their area; 

  • Keep members informed with up-to-date information on public policy changes and ways for members to engage on the homeless issue around the county.  

To join the Homeless and Community Awareness Committee, please email us at  

Check back regularly for updates on our activities!

HCAC Events
My Friends Place
Join us to assist and inspire homeless youth to build self-sufficient lives.  BOMA/GLA and it's members came together in 2017 to provide and serve lunch for teens and staff at My Friends Place.

Downtown Womens Center
BOMA/GLA's Homelessness and Community Awareness Committee was pleased to work with our members on a community service event for January 2018.  The event was a half day of service at the Downtown Women's Center ("DWC") in Downtown Los Angeles.  We were limited to 24 volunteers and it was a packed house!  Some of us cooked and served lunch for the women's center to over 200 people and the rest sorted through hundreds of clothes items to help the staff.