Monday, June 11, 2018

Representatives from Bird Scooter, one of the largest operators of dockless scooters in California, were available to speak with members at the BOMA/GLA Westside Regional Breakfast last week. Get involved with your Regional Council to discuss the issues you are dealing with every day with your BOMA/GLA members. 

Dockless scooters have become a huge issue for BOMA/GLA members throughout LA County. Early in the year, BOMA/GLA advocacy staff engaged with the City of Santa Monica when Bird began operating seemingly overnight without a business license. As the City of Santa Monica worked with Bird to bring them into good legal standing with the City (and levied a $300,000 fine on them), BOMA/GLA was advocating for sensible regulations that would protect the rights and interests of property owners and managers as well as tenants and the public. 

In addition to the concerns regarding rider safety, BOMA/GLA members from all over the westside have complained about clusters of scooters on strewn haphazardly all over properties, sidewalks, and in right of ways.

Santa Monica

The City of Santa Monica is proposing a 16-month pilot program for dockless bikes and scooters that the City Council will take up on June 12. Shared Mobility Device companies are already fighting back against the proposal which includes adding "lock-to" requirements that would force dockless vehicles to a rack or stationary object, increased and thoughtful education of riders and users, and excluding certain high foot traffic areas. Click here for more on dockless regulations in Santa Monica. 

Los Angeles

Dockless bike and scooter regulations are currently under discussion in the City of Los Angeles' Transportation Committee, made up of Councilmembers Mike Bonin, Paul Koretz, and Nury Martinez. BOMA/GLA advocacy staff has been in contact with each council office. Look for an update in the next few weeks after the next Transportation Committee hearing. 

As the issue continues to be debated in committee, contact your advocacy staff with any issues you are having or if you would like to be a part of our advocacy efforts on this important issue.