Monday, June 11, 2018

BOMA/GLA members had the chance to hear from Waste Management at the San Fernando Valley Regional Breakfast in June. Valley BOMA members experienced a bumpy rollout but since then Waste Management has made strides in owner/manager/tenant education efforts and significantly improved their service to the Valley. 

The representatives from Waste Management at the SFV Regional Breakfast were extremely well-prepared and answered the tough questions that BOMA/GLA members sent their way. WM has worked closely with advocacy staff and members to get costs down as much as possible and make sure that owners, managers and tenants are educated on what can and should go in the recycling bins.

If you have yet to receive your waste assessment, please reach out to LA Sanitation and request one. If you are in the San Fernando Valley and serviced by Waste Management please reach out to akratzer@bomagla.org with any issues you are having.