These webinars are sustainability education sessions that take place during the lunch hour. Focusing on the needs of property owners and managers, they’re designed to give a quick bite of actionable and useful information which can immediately be implemented to improve your properties.

Next Webinar:

Green Leases and How to Capture Over Standard Tenant Consumption - March 14

Speaker: Sara Neff, Kilroy Realty
This webinar will cover Green Leasing Primers, how to use data as a building asset, tenant bill-backs, and after-hours tenant use.
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Upcoming Webinars:

Getting Ready for Summer Operations - April 11

Speaker: Wayne Alldredge, LA-BBC
Prepare for warmer temperatures with an A/C checklist, weatherizing, landscape pest control, filtration, and windows and shades.
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Budgets, Purchasing, and Embodied Carbon - May 9

Speaker: Dominique Hargreaves, City of LA
Learn what you should put in budgets, gain a better understanding of sustainable choices, and receive procurement tips and techniques.

Waste Management and Recycling - June 13

Speaker: Richard Ludt, IRS Demo
Learn how to control costs under the new ordinance, get a better understanding of mandates currently in place & upcoming changes, and learn what you can bid out of.

Water Efficiency - July 11

Speaker: Mo Erbeznik, LABBC
Topics include regulations, fixture technology, irrigation, HVAC, and industrial water savings.

Green Certifications and Understanding their Value - August 8

Speaker: Ravi Bajaj, Healthy Buildings
This webinar will cover types of certifications, pros and cons of getting certified, costs to expect, certifications, and marketing.

Rebates / Direct Install - September 12

Speaker: Les Rosenberg, LABBC
This webinar will go over projects you can get done now, rebates that are available, how to get a service company, and how to ensure the project gets completed before year-end.

Energy Star Update - October 10

Speaker: Marika Erdely, Green EconoME
Get ready to certify your building for the upcoming year, hear tips and techniques for entering data, and find out how to improve your score at little to no cost.

Getting Ready for Winter Operations - November 14

Speaker: Wayne Alldredge, LA-BBC
This webinar will cover having a heating checklist, waterproofing, entry mats and walk-offs, ventilation and humidity, and roofing and drainage.

Wellness in your Facility - December 12

Speaker: Ravi Bajaj, Healthy Buildings
Learn about the connection between wellness and productivity, using wellness programs in marketing for higher rent, and the differences between certification programs.