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Submit a White Paper

What is a BOMA/GLA "White Paper"?

A “White Paper” is a document produced by a person of authority within a member building or company which is used to help key decision makers and influencers to justify solutions.

It can be a tool for introducing technology innovations and products, highlighting important features of a new or changed product, service, or solution, or a means to explain new industry research. However, the key elements are the problems which your company experienced which led to the solutions.


Why would you contribute a White Paper?

You can showcase a specific expertise to members, while offering helpful guidance or strategies in the interest of us all working together. Accepted White Papers are intended to educate the readers on the specific topic which appeals to them. These are not intended to be a promotion or an advertisement. The idea is to show a solution or innovation was reached.


How do you determine your audience?

Your White Paper should start by identifying the problem or concern that our members can relate to and continue by detailing the solution provided by your product or service. Be sure to focus on how different employees or departments are specifically impacted by the solution.

Since our White Papers are submitted from our members, those which are selected for distribution become a part of the BOMA/GLA Resource Library. Some members would choose to view because of financial implications, while others would choose based on technical concerns, for example. It makes a difference whether your content is geared toward an executive or a subcontractor.


Where do I start with a White Paper?

As a BOMA/GLA member, you should start with an area of expertise for which you have a helpful solution to offer your fellow members. We encourage you to concentrate solely on the interests and needs of your readers. Again, your analysis of the problems your solution overcomes are more important than the solutions themselves.