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Special Interest Committees

Building Engineers

Here is an opportunity for members to get your building engineers involved in BOMA/GLA. Who better to plan our engineering programs than your engineers? Participation on the Building Engineers Committee is an opportunity to connect with other engineers on the latest and most relevant design, construction and code-related topics. The committee plans educational programs to share challenges faced and lessons learned on managing commercial office buildings.

Emerging Leaders Council (formerly Gen B)

The Emerging Leaders Council (ELC) allows newer commercial real estate professionals to participate in developing programs, network with peers, gain an inside look into BOMA/GLA, and serve the profession in a leadership capacity. Participation puts new leaders on the fast track to serve on other BOMA/GLA committees and boosts your career through the development of leadership skills and expanding your professional network.

Medical Office Buildings (MOB)

Your committee involvement can help with information sharing and communication among our members who manage and operate medical office buildings. Concerns such as increased leasing regulations, managing heavy foot traffic, secure deliveries, proper cleaning and other concerns which are unique for medical facilities, require special attention as they differ from traditional commercial office buildings. Participate on the MOB Committee to help plan educational programs and resources to support our MOB members.

Regional Councils

Although we are united by “Greater Los Angeles”, we all know that some issues members are faced with are different between downtown, Simi Valley, and Long Beach. Regional Councils serve to address these differences and nuances of local areas. Participate on your local council to help ensure the successful delivery of benefits and services to the members within your region. BOMA/GLA Regions include Downtown, Westside, Long Beach/South Bay, Northeast, and the San Fernando Valley.