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Special Interest Groups

BOMA/GLA special interest groups (SIGs) are designed to bring individuals with like interests together in an environment that fosters learning and professional growth through shared experiences. BOMA/GLA SIGs are education-based groups that meet throughout the year for networking connections and act as a network through which to share targeted information of particular interest. No matter what your specific interests within the commercial real estate industry, there is a SIG that fits. Join one of these groups today, and stay tuned as BOMA/GLA is always considering new development ideas for our special interest groups.

Emerging Leaders 

Emerging Leaders allows newer commercial real estate professionals to participate in developing programs, network with peers, gain an inside look into BOMA/GLA, and serve the profession in a leadership capacity. Participation puts new leaders on the fast track to serve on other BOMA/GLA committees and boosts your career through the development of leadership skills and expanding your professional network.

Chief Engineers

The Chief Engineers (SIG) includes chief engineers that meet virtually monthly to share experiences and address ideas of innovation. The goal of this SIG is to provide a platform to address the latest on policy and technical information as well as covering new ideas in environmental regulations, maintenance, and operation of commercial buildings.


Mixed Use Property Managers

Property Managers with interest in the specific needs of mixed use buildings meet virtually or in person monthly to discuss mixed use building management issues, as well as recent and emerging trends and challenges.