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Security and Emergency Preparedness

The safety and security of commercial office buildings has been a primary focus of BOMA/GLA’s public policy efforts for many years. As the urban environment produces new threats and building owners become more dependent on technology to secure their properties, they turn to BOMA/GLA for crucial information on the impact of these trends on the operation of their facilities.

BOMA/GLA Serves as a Resource to Police and Fire Departments

Key to our success as a leader in commercial office safety is our relationships with the Los Angeles Police Department and other police agencies throughout Los Angeles County. By sustaining an on-going dialogue with both command staff and local captains, our members gain insight into crimes and other security issues, while providing feedback to the police on building safety concerns.

BOMA/GLA identifies trends and makes recommendations on tools to maintain secure buildings, and act as a resource on emergency preparedness planning and training for building staff and tenants through our Security and Emergency Preparedness Committee. The strength of the committee lies in their breadth of expertise and knowledge: owners and managers, security professionals, technology experts and other consultants determine current needs, then identify government or private sector experts to bring insights to our members through educational offerings.

The participation by police and fire officials adds to the conversation on key issues, as each major city in the county has different challenges, including traffic safety in commercial areas, possible terrorist threats, property crime and vandalism, and the presence of homeless individuals.

Advocate for Homeless Services and Housing

Advocate for Homeless Services and Housing

Addressing homelessness issues by advocating for additional services balanced with clear rules that maintain access to building entrances.

Terrorism and Threat Assessment Education and Resources

Terrorism and Threat Assessment Education and Resources 

Providing key resources through timely seminars, awareness training, and collaboration with local police and fire departments.


Cybersecurity Awareness in Buildings

Educating members on how to inform building staff and contractors of simple, yet important, procedures to ensure building system security.

Emergency Planning icon

Emergency Planning and Preparedness

Consistently bringing forward new operating standards and training for staff and tenants which raises the bar for the industry as a whole.

Building Evacuation Training

Building Evacuation Training

Partnering with local fire departments to create standards that not only trained floor wardens but included tenant representatives as well.