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About Us

Who We Are

Since our founding in 1915, BOMA/GLA has made it our mission to enhance and protect the value of commercial real estate in the Greater Los Angeles market. Representing 135 million square feet of office and industrial space, and contributing $3.5 billion to California’s economy annually, we have a strong and effective voice when it comes to carrying out that mission. We are the commercial real estate industry’s unfailing advocate, representing your interests in the community and at all levels of government.

What We Do

We are one of the largest and most active CRE federations in the world. We represent more than 2,000 commercial real estate professionals in the Los Angeles area, connecting them with the people, information, education, and resources they need to maximize effectiveness at every level of building management. Serving building owners, managers, developers, leasing professionals, corporate facility managers and asset managers, BOMA/GLA provides up-to-the-minute knowledge in every aspect of CRE, as well as career-advancing opportunities, valuable face time with colleagues, suppliers, and peers, and an unmatched level of active support and expertise.

Why Join

When you join BOMA/GLA, you put the collective strength of the entire CRE community behind your business, your building, and your career. Become a member today and tap into this unmatched network to streamline your processes, boost your business and maximize your success.

Awards Programs

Our awards programs are designed to honor individuals and companies making significant contributions to the commercial real estate industry.

Contact Us

Reach out to us anytime with questions, feedback, or suggestions for how we can serve you better.