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TOBY Award Categories

Corporate Facility

All buildings must be a single-use facility at least 50% occupied by the corporate entity—includes government agencies and private enterprises.

Corporate Facility Requirements (pdf)

Earth Building

All buildings with at least 50% office area where the building and building management team preserve and enhance the internal and external environment through green and sustainable programs.

Earth Building Requirements (pdf)

harbro headquarters
san gabriel valley corporate campus
7th and fig building
duggan and associates headquarters

Historical Building

All buildings must be at least 50 years old with original design maintained. This category includes all sizes of buildings meeting the age criterion. The building must retain its historic physical integrity, which means the site must be relatively undisturbed. Renovations to the original framework is acceptable.

Historical Building Requirements (pdf)

Industrial Office Building

All buildings, comprising a total project, to include any single building industrial properties, one to two stories in height, with more than 5% and less than 50% office area.

Industrial Office Building Requirements (pdf)

Medical Office Building

All buildings must be at least 75% medical use, and at least 50% of the dedicated medical use space must be for private physician or hospital employed physician offices. The building can be located on or off a hospital campus, and its tenancy can be comprised of 50% hospital uses or ancillary services. Patient stays must be less than 24-hours (but could occur within any 24-hour period.

Medical Office Building Requirements (pdf)

columbia square
westwood medical plaza
calabasas park centre
united states courthouse

Mixed-Use Building

All properties will have minimum of 10% Office in a planned integration of at least three components that are a mix of Retail, Entertainment, Residential, Hotel, Recreation or Other Functions.

Mixed-Use Building Requirements (pdf)

Public Assembly Building (local BOMA/GLA award)

All buildings must be publicly accessible and support multiple uses. These buildings may be part of a larger portfolio. This category includes: stand-alone arenas, amphitheaters, auditoriums, art galleries, churches, hotels, convention centers, exhibit halls, courthouses, stadiums, university building(s) and other buildings that are publicly accessible.

Public Assembly Building Requirements (pdf)

Pueblo Building  (local BOMA/GLA award)

Building that has demonstrated an outstanding performance in its contribution to the community, making community outreach one of its primary objectives. A building may enter the Pueblo category in conjunction with any other award category.

Pueblo Building Requirements (pdf)

Retail Building (local BOMA/GLA award)

A group of retail and other commercial establishments, either enclosed or open air, managed by one company. The entry must be managed as a single property, one to multiple levels in height with a minimum of 50 percent occupancy. The anchor ratio must be at least 25 percent and the property must contain at least one anchor retailer.

Retail Building Requirements (pdf)

Renovated Building

Building must be at least 15 years old, have maintained a minimum of 50% occupancy (physical occupancy) during the renovation process for all building(s) and 3 or more projects must be completed in each building when submitting multiple buildings.  If entry is a single building, a minimum of 5 projects are necessary.

Renovated Building Requirements (pdf)

kilroy airport center
los angeles union station
us bank tower
2000 avenue of the stars

Suburban Office Park (Low-Rise)

Two or more buildings managed by the same management company with the tallest building being no higher than 5 stories; all buildings must occupy land greater than 5 acres and are located outside of the central business district or the downtown core area.

Suburban Office Park - Low-Rise Requirements (pdf)

Suburban Office Park (Mid-Rise)

Two or more buildings managed by the same management company with 1 building that is 6 to 10 stories in height, all buildings must occupy land greater than 5 acres and are located outside of the central business district or the downtown core area.   NOTE: If a suburban office park is comprised of both low- and mid-rise buildings, the entry must submit under the Mid-Rise category.

Suburban Office Park - Mid-Rise Requirements (pdf)

Office Building Square Footage Categories

  • Under 100,000 Square Feet
  • 100,000 – 249,999 Square Feet
  • 250,000 – 499,999 Square Feet
  • 500,000 – 1 Million Square Feet
  • Over 1 Million Square Feet

NOTE: All buildings with at least 50% office area are eligible.

Square Footage Category Requirements (pdf)