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BOMA/GLA Operating Benchmark Report (OBR)

We are pleased to announce the BOMA/GLA Operating Benchmark Report is now available! The report is a comprehensive survey that covers a wide range of operating expenses, such as utilities, maintenance, insurance, and taxes.  

Additionally, we asked participants to provide information on leased and physical occupancy. We defined physical occupancy as the utilization of the leased space.  

Thank you to the building members who participated in the report and shared their data.  

Where Can I Access the Full Report?

The report is available to all current BOMA/GLA members as part of their member benefits. You can access the report by visiting our online learning center. 

Non-members may purchase a copy of the report.

Survey Report Summary 

The survey was sent out to all BOMA/GLA building members and former members. At the end of the survey period, we had a sample of 40 buildings from across LA County participate, consisting of over 15.5 million square feet of commercial space.  

Most participants were BOMA/GLA members; however, we did receive data from some non-members. Additionally, while the report primarily consists of office data, we did receive survey responses from medical and retail-type buildings.  

We received enough responses from four of our regions to provide the following sub-market reports:  

  • Downtown Class A Office 
  • Downtown Class A and B Office 
  • Westside Class A Office 
  • Westside Class A and B Office 
  • Northeast Class A and B Office 
  • San Fernando Valley Class A and B Office 

The cumulative summary report includes data from all building types and each of the six regions combined.  

The data points are broken down into the following categories:  

  • Insurance and Tax 
  • Utilities 
  • Services 
  • Repair and Maintenance 
  • Janitorial 
  • Administration 
  • Wages, Taxes, and Benefits 

We realize that management fees are considered an expense; however, BOMA, as a not-for-profit 501(c)(6), is prohibited by our not-for-profit federal tax status from facilitating any dialogue or discussion of what is charged for these services.  Management fee information was not collected since this would be an antitrust compliance issue.  

A Special Thank You 

The inaugural BOMA/GLA Operating Benchmark Report was made possible only through the participation and support of our members. Without members sharing their data, we would not have been able to produce this report.  

We especially want to thank the committee who advised the development of the survey questions:  

  • Alicia Blanc, Robertson Properties 
  • Vicki Conrad, Cushman & Wakefield 
  • Nathan Sovich, CBRE 
  • Ana Wood, Kilroy Realty 

Their professional insights and expertise allowed us to develop relevant and valuable questions for our members.  

And, of course, our BOMA/GLA Board of Directors, who provided the committee and staff direction and feedback on implementing the survey and encouraging their teams to participate.  

If you have feedback or questions about the data, or ideas for questions on future surveys, please reach out to Blake Perez 

BOMA/GLA and eAutoFeedback, LLC assume no legal responsibility for the accuracy of the data collected or presented, and it will be without warranty, either expressed or implied.  In addition, BOMA/GLA nor eAutoFeedback, LLC assumes any responsibility for the outcome of any decisions, contracts, commitments, or obligations made based on this information.