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Building Skills Partnership Program

We are proud to launch our new partnership with Building Skills Partnership!  BOMA has always been deeply committed to the well-being and progress of its community. With a strong dedication to social responsibility, BOMA has recognized the importance of supporting vulnerable communities, particularly immigrant workers and their families. This is where the partnership with Building Skills Partnership (BSP) holds paramount significance. By collaborating with BSP, BOMA aims to empower its members with essential information on opportunities available to these hardworking individuals while also shedding light on the unique barriers they face in their professional and personal lives.


Together, we strive to level the playing field, creating a more inclusive and equitable environment where everyone has an opportunity to thrive and contribute to the betterment of the community as a whole. This powerful alliance epitomizes BOMA's commitment to positively impacting and fostering a stronger, united community for the future.

Building Skills Partnership Three Pillars

Workforce Development

BSP's Workforce Development programs provide workers with the skills needed by employers and the economic market to have relevant and successful abilities in the workplace.

The Infectious Disease Certification program is geared to equip janitors with the knowledge to protect their own health & safety and also building occupants. BSP’s ADVANCE curriculum is an intensive vocational ESL and job skills program geared to meet the needs of the industry for a skillful workforce while meeting the individual’s needs for basic English. Additionally, BSP's Green Janitor Education Program (GJEP) trains and certifies janitors in green maintenance practices to help meet the most current energy, water, and environmental sustainability standards.

Immigrant Inclusion

BSP’s Community Advancement programs develop and enhance partnerships with workers,  schools, colleges, universities, businesses, and community-based organizations to respond to the educational, workforce training, and economic development needs of the community.

BSP offers a comprehensive, linguistically and culturally competent Health & Wellness program that offers opportunities for property service workers and their families. BSP’s Parent Education and Engagement program aims to improve educational opportunities for the children of low-wage workers. Through a series of educational workshops, museum trips, and college visits, the program is training a cohort of workers to be advocates for their children’s education. BSP’s Mike Garcia Scholarship relieves the financial burden for first-generation, low-income students and children of low-wage workers to achieve their dreams of a higher

Community Advancement

BSP’s Immigrant Inclusion programs help property service workers in low-wage industries obtain resources to socially integrate and participate in their community and US society at large.

BSP provides Citizenship and Civic Engagement programs to support and guide immigrant workers in their journey to becoming naturalized citizens. Through BSP’s Financial Capability Program, workers learn financial skills such as asset building and also receive financial coaching and free tax preparation. These programs help immigrant families create positive financial habits, access the financial mainstream and achieve financial security. Also, through BSP's English-as-a-Second Language curriculum (ESL), workers learn English language acquisition to achieve upward mobility and to successfully integrate into U.S. society.



“I have full trust in the Building Skills Partnership team. BSP programs give our property service workers a sense of pride, accomplishment, and the valuable knowledge that they need to keep our buildings and business communities that we serve safe.” - Michael Smith, Services Manager for the Jorgensen FM Building, which is a service provider to LPL Financial

“Having Building Skills Partnership programs available to RCC-BGM janitorial employees creates a new sense of trust and comradery. The programs are conducive to the janitorial team’s learning. Employees enjoy going to class.They develop relationships with not only each other as colleagues; they also develop strong relationships with BSP instructors.

RCC-BGM employees want to obtain the knowledge BSP offers. It helps our company encourage employees to attend courses and advance in their careers and skill sets. Having access to different service trades within the various types of facilities we serve allows employees to grow in their careers. What we want most is to support employees in BSP programs.” - Daniel Montes, RCC-BGM VP of Business Operations.

"I have had great opportunities thanks to BSP. Their Digital Literacy programs have provided me with personal growth, and the new knowledge that I have gained could open the door for me in other companies in the future should the opportunity arise.

It has also provided me with satisfaction to know that I can help others and provides me the opportunity to keep my knowledge fresh in my mind by teaching it to my peers.

Looking ahead to the future, a career goal of mine is to learn English and work in Human Resources at a company." - Daniel Diaz, property service worker at a major Silicon Valley tech company

"I had a great experience and would like to thank BSP for overseeing the certification training, and I would also like to thank Servicon for giving workers the opportunity to be in this program. As a BSP Peer Trainer, I was able to serve as a mentor by training fellow program participants in the floor care certification program.

I greatly benefited from the formal in-class training, and wanted to make sure I gave my peers the same knowledge. As a leader, I really liked to share my experience with my colleagues.” - Rosa Terriquez, Los Angeles property service worker for Servicon & BSP Peer Trainer

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