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Industry Defense Fund

Every year in every city and state, lawmakers introduce short-sighted legislation that threaten your building operations and profits. BOMA/GLA’s advocacy staff and BOMA California’s team of expert lobbyists work around-the-clock to protect your building from harm by monitoring legislation and policy California. This is done through strategizing with lobbyists, testifying before legislative committees, educating lawmakers, and running Grassroots Campaigns.

To ensure adequate funds are available for unbudgeted advocacy challenges at the local and state level, BOMA/GLA maintains a member driven Industry Defense Fund (IDF) to support special advocacy efforts. These efforts can be in response to legislation, regulatory rule making, or litigation that threatens to have a substantial impact on BOMA/GLA members.

When confronted with these advocacy crises, the IDF allows BOMA/GLA to give a voice to the commercial real estate industry and helps BOMA/GLA achieve critical advocacy successes.

Through the IDF, BOMA/GLA has been able to make a real difference for you and your assets. The IDF has helped to:

  • Defeat Proposition 15, the 2020 Split Roll property tax hike that would have removed your Proposition 13 protections.
  • Defeat Measure EE, a 16 cent/square foot parcel tax increase promoted by LAUSD.
  • Defeat SB 939 and AB 255, State legislation that would have jeopardized your lease contracts and future rent payment.

While the BOMA/GLA IDF has achieved immense success, we need your support to continue to be a strong advocate for the commercial real estate industry.

Join BOMA/GLA to Defeat the “ULA” Transfer Tax Increase

On November 8, Los Angeles voters will vote on the biggest proposed property tax increase in city history: The “ULA” Ballot Initiative. If passed, this initiative could raise the rate of real estate transfer taxes to 5.5% for BOMA/GLA members – a twelvefold increase. This initiative will severely damage the value of real estate across Los Angeles and increase the cost of living – all while doubling down on failed policies to address our homelessness crisis. How you can help:

  • Contribute to our Industry Defense Fund to combat initiatives like this.
  • Reply to this email to schedule a meeting between BOMA/GLA staff and your company leadership to discuss our campaign to defeat ULA.
  • Vote No on ULA on November 8.