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Membership Categories and Rates

Principal Member

Commercial properties in Los Angeles or Ventura County. Examples include: office buildings, medical office buildings, and mixed-use buildings.

All property professionals with qualifying official titles (Senior Property Manager, Property Manager, Tenant Coordinator, Assistant Property Manager, Asset Manager, Security Leads, Chief Engineer, and Assistant Chief Engineer) within the building will be eligible for BOMA/GLA membership at no individual cost.

2022 Membership Categories and Dues Rates

building rates

Corporate Members: 15% discount

Corporate Membership is open to owners of six (6) or more buildings in the Greater Los Angeles area totaling at least six million combined square feet. Corporate members must include their entire Greater Los Angeles portfolio in BOMA/GLA membership.


Government - $2,116

Buildings owned and/or managed by local government organizations.


Associate Member - $5,000

Companies providing products or services to commercial buildings in Los Angeles or Ventura County. Examples include: security, general contracting, catering, janitorial, HVAC, painting, restoration, demolition, code, windows, roofing, parking, engineering, or maintenance.

When you are an Associate Member, you receive three credits to be applied to a variety of opportunities to promote your company.  You may choose any combination of sponsorships from larger events with fewer sponsors to exclusive sponsorships that will use more credits, regardless of the number of sponsors.

To learn more about using member credits, click here.


Professional Member - $2,338

Firms providing professional services to commercial buildings in Los Angeles or Ventura County.  Examples include: consulting, facility management, design, development, legal, architecture, accounting, financial, leasing, brokerage or appraisal.


Industrial Member - $557

Managers of industrial real estate in Los Angeles or Ventura County. Membership in this category is an individual membership.

Facilities Manager
- $560

Retail Member

Owners and Managers of retail centers in Los Angeles or Ventura County. Examples include: Malls, lifestyle centers and strip malls.

Retail rates