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CRE Technology Showcase Exhibitors

Air Conditioning Solutions –  Central Plant log, trend, analysis, and prediction software that enables building owners and managers to view trends and analysis of central plant equipment, enabling them to save energy and predict equipment failures.

Allied Universal – Cutting edge security technology services including GSOC as a Service (GSOCaaS), robots and remote video monitoring. Security technology is a key component to any solid CRE security program.

ClearTech - Video wall showcasing ways building managers can streamline their technology and make their buildings attractive to tenants.

DryWired – Liquid Nanotint is a highly transparent paint-on solar control coating that is an ideal retrofit technology for building owners and managers looking to increase energy efficiency, improve thermal comfort, reduce glare and eliminate harmful UV damage.

Duggan & Associates – Photoluminescent Path of Egress Markings and specialty coatings (i.e. nanotechnology, hydrophobic specialty coatings, epoxy flooring) to keep buildings code compliant and keep tenants safe.

ECAMSECURE – Security services to help keep properties running smoothly, efficiently and safely including Virtual Guards, video surveillance, access control and guard technologies.

Enertiv – With Enertiv 360, managers and engineers can remotely login to their mechanical rooms from anywhere to view equipment status, history of faults, and assist with troubleshooting. The solution also serves as a centralized documentation repository and could be used as a new hire training tool to help future-proof CRE assets.

Genea – Genea’s software helps hundreds of property teams modernize the tenant billing experience for overtime HVAC and submeters. It saves teams time, increases revenue, saves energy, and increases tenant satisfaction.

GP PRO – The enMotion Flex is an innovative towel dispenser that offers game-changing efficiency, revolutionary waste reduction, and a towel-every-time dependability. Kolo Smart Monitoring System, along with the enMotion Flex, offer greater labor efficiency and custodian satisfaction because the System is continuously monitoring for custodians, allowing them to tackle other important tasks.

Johnson Controls – Johnson Controls Energy Management Platform (JEM) supports property management  through, significant operational savings, streamlined tenant management, equipment and asset management, and energy fault detection and diagnostics.

Kimberly Clark Professional - Smart Restroom Technology reduces restroom-related complaints and work orders by up to 75% and consumable waste by up to 80%. Buildings owners can reduce waste and boost sustainability by minimizing the amount of product discarded prematurely to avoid run outs.

Kings III Emergency Communications - Kings III is proud to offer an all-inclusive, turnkey emergency help phone solution (voice communication line seizure technology)  that provides the best service to your clients, keeps you both code compliant and informed of the going ons at your property and ultimately reduces your risk, liability and potentially your costs.

LandCare – LandCare uses advanced technology systems for landscape management services including water management, landscape design, and maintenance that will keep your site healthy, conserve your budget and maximize your landscape investment.

MeshWrx – MeshWrx wireless alarm monitoring solution replaces the existing phone lines with mesh radio technology.  This technology is more reliable and saves clients money immediately on their alarm monitoring system.

Openpath – - Openpath lowers property operating costs, attracts new tenants and adds upsell opportunities by providing elevated amenities like hands-free mobile access and sleek reader design. Openpath reduces the workload of property managers by enabling self-service credential management for tenants and by utilizing "zone sharing" that lets managers easily share access to common areas to tenants.

Orion Entrance Control - We use LiDAR (Invisible Laser Light) to detect occupancy and notify security of tailgating violations. Occupancy sensing can be used to for both energy management and emergency mustering, while the tailgate detection can be used to bolster building security.

Securitas – Our Guard in a Box solution is a portable camera system with analytics and talk down capability.  Paired with our Remote Guarding services, Guard in a Box provides the ability to become a force multiplier and can be deployed in areas where traditional camera systems are not available.

Servi-Tek -Servi-Trak is a full-scale janitorial application that delivers a cloud-based, one-source solution for owners, staff, and clients to coordinate every project and improve service results. Servi-Trak helps property managers with time tracking and staff scheduling and has the functional tools needed to improve operational efficiencies, eliminate communication breakdowns, and elevate customer service performance.

Site 1001 – Skylight Building Performance and Operations Platform uses core building information, building systems and sensors, and “people” data like comments and service requests to lower costs and improve building performance.

SolarArt – New window film technology for energy savings, tenant comfort, security, and graphics for company culture.

Tork - Tork EasyCube facility management software for data-driven cleaning. When cleaning staff have access to real-time data about cleaning needs, the very logic for how cleaning can be done changes. It becomes possible to stay ahead and do exactly what’s needed where and when.

TRL Systems – Facial recognition software interfaced to other building systems including access control, elevator control, payroll, mustering, and security. Our software can be used to replace access cards for access control and elevator control and can also be used to notify security of persons of interest or threats to tenants.

Yardi Systems – Yardi Pulse is an integrated set of unique solutions designed to optimize energy management and occupant comfort. Reduce your properties’ energy consumption, keep tenants comfortable, and simplify analysis and reporting with automated energy management solutions.