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Plan Check and Inspection of Tenant Improvements

Because construction of tenant space is constant in commercial buildings, it is imperative that the plan-check and inspection process be as short and cost effective as possible. BOMA/GLA is on the forefront of pursuing customer-oriented service from Building and Fire Departments and has urged the use of technology to speed the approval process.

In Los Angeles, as in most cities, the Building and Safety and Fire Departments have overlapping jurisdiction. Until recently, owners were forced to coordinate inspections with both departments, even though many activities only included one. BOMA/GLA argued successfully for eliminating Fire Department participation from all inspections except those specifically related to fire and life safety, thus accelerating the inspection process and decreasing the amount of fees for owners.

Owners with buildings in Pasadena expressed concern over confusing elevator inspections, which led the Codes and Regulations Committee to meet with the Pasadena Fire Marshal. This initial contact  developed into bi-annual meetings to review a wide range of issues, from special event permits to emergency planning requirements and common hazards information.