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Policy Committees

Codes and Regulations

BOMA is the only commercial real estate association with an active and robust codes advocacy program. If we don’t do it, who will? Be a resource to help influence and modify legislation, codes, and regulations that could impact members’ properties or companies. You can be a part of leading the progress in addition to educating your fellow members on current codes and regulations.

Government Affairs

In today’s intense political and economic climate, taking the pulse of our membership and representing our members in our local government and in Sacramento is imperative. Through collaboration among our members, along with ongoing dialogue with our lawmakers, we come together to be heard whenever real estate policies are being proposed or amended. Become a part of the Government Affairs Committee and be the voice for our industry.

Political Action Committee (PAC)

Your participation on the PAC Committee helps BOMA/GLA elect local and state candidates who support the commercial real estate industry. Use your voice to strengthen the industry’s political voice, educate and mobilize members to become more politically active, and raise funds to support candidates who promote legislation and policies that create a fair business environment that allows the industry to continue to create jobs and grow the economy.

Security and Emergency Preparedness

Keeping each of our buildings safe and secure is important to owners as well as our tenants, guests, and building employees. By pooling resources and sharing new strategies, our ability as an industry to work together is of the utmost importance when it comes to protecting our buildings. The committee keeps members informed on techniques, trends and methods of security and emergency preparedness.


With ongoing changes in requirements for the construction and ongoing management of commercial buildings, knowing exactly what lies ahead could save significant time and revenue for your company. The Sustainability Committee leads the way in identifying, capturing and communicating energy, waste and water efficiencies and sustainable best practices. The committee brings members together to discuss various related topics with presentations from industry experts through webinars, seminars and case studies.