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Submit a Guest Author Blog Post

What is a guest author blog post?

A blog post contributed to is written as a discussion or informational article produced by a subject matter expert. Blog posts should be 500-1000 words in length (posts over 1000 words will not be considered for publishing) and should be easily readable and digestible.

Blog posts must be written to target the same audience throughout the post and cannot be personal in nature to any company or entity. A post that seeks to address multiple audiences at the same time is ineffective. For example, if your post is meant to address a sustainability issue, are you writing it for the property manager? Owners? Engineers? Service providers? Know your target audience and write specifically to them throughout the entire article.

Why would you contribute a blog post?

You can showcase a specific expertise to members and visitors, while offering helpful guidance or strategies in the interest of us all working together. Accepted blog posts are intended to educate the readers on the specific topic, spark discussion or thought, and/or provide useful tools. Blog posts are not intended to be a promotion or an advertisement.

Where do I start with a blog post?

Start with an area of expertise for which you have a helpful solution, advice or things to be considered to offer the commercial real estate industry. We encourage you to concentrate solely on the interests and needs of your readers. Again, your analysis of the problems your solution overcomes are more important than the solutions themselves. Blog posts are also not meant to be scholarly works of art but rather a casual discussion with the reader.

Make sure you have a compelling title and that your lead paragraph supports your title; this will help us to SEO optimize your post. Also, be sure to end your post with a call to action or a summary for those who basically skim blog posts by reading the first and last paragraphs.

If you would like to pitch an idea prior to writing and submitting a blog post for consideration, you can do so by emailing your proposed topic and summary to [email protected].