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Westside Region

What does it mean to be part of the Westside Region?

Being part of the Westside Region means having access to opportunities for networking and exchanging ideas with peers who share the Westside experience.

Members of the Westside region will receive issue advocacy and policy updates tailored for the region. It is a recognition of the different communities and how they are unique and apart from communities in the other regions. Greater LA is a composite of communities, not a monolith.

Joining the Westside Region enhances your membership value with specifically tailored content and smaller, regionally focused events.  

What areas are covered in the region?

The Westside Region includes cities like Beverly Hills, Culver City, and Santa Monica. The region encompasses West LA communities north of LAX, south of the Santa Monica Mountains, and west of La Cienega (excluding West Hollywood and Beverly Grove). 

Things you can expect being part of the region.

  • Opportunities to connect with members who share your everyday Westside experiences through Regional Roundtables and Power Hours.    
  • Develop relationships with local organizations and local regional public officials through events and ad-hoc meetings.  
  • Issue advocacy and policy updates specifically tailored to the communities within your region.  
  • An opportunity to increase your involvement with BOMA/GLA but stay focused on your local region.  

Westside News

For recent news or updates from BOMA on the Frontline in your region, click here. 

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